Environmental, Occupational Health, and Safety

I write blog articles on environmental, occupational health, and safety issues in industrial enterprises. In my articles, I share the research I have conducted on local legislation and European standards. Feel free to get in touch if you have any topics you're curious about.


I am an Occupational Safety Specialist

I have a total of 13 years of experience in the occupational safety specialist profession. During this period, I have served as an environmental, occupational health, and safety chief, specialist, manager, and coordinator in various domestic and foreign-capitalized organizations. I prefer to define myself as a volunteer in environmental, occupational health, and safety matters.

I believe that raising community awareness is crucial for improving health and safety conditions. Therefore, whenever I find the opportunity in my professional life, I contribute to raising public awareness by writing blog articles about professional knowledge and legal regulations. All the articles I share on this website are based on my professional knowledge and experience, enlightened by legislation.

What is Occupational Safety Specialist?

Occupational safety specialist is a professional occupation that involves efforts to ensure employees can work in a healthy and safe environment. Occupational safety specialists work to ensure employee safety and health by identifying risks at workplaces, determining the necessary precautions and required training. In this context, they master occupational health and safety regulations and use various methods and techniques to identify hazards, reduce risks, and provide a safe environment for employees.

Occupational safety specialists contribute to improving workplace safety measures by investigating the causes of accidents that occur in workplaces. They also analyze working conditions in the workplace and make recommendations to ensure healthy and safe working conditions.

Professionals in this field take responsibility for issues such as reducing risks in the workplace, providing necessary equipment for employee health and safety, delivering appropriate training, and following regulations. Occupational safety specialists focus on the health and safety of employees and contribute to the creation of a healthier and safer environment in workplaces.

How should an occupational safety specialist be?

Leadership is Essential in Occupational Health and Safety!

A leader is an individual or individuals who guide a group of people towards a specific goal. Leaders are people with vision, goal-oriented, effective communication skills, and teamwork abilities.

As visionaries, leaders define a direction for the future of the organization and guide employees in that direction. In doing so, they take the necessary steps to ensure the success and sustainability of an organization.

Therefore, occupational safety specialists should first be leaders in their fields.

One Must Be Trustworthy!

Being a trustworthy person means that others can rely on you, believe that you will do what you say, and think that what you say is true. Characteristics of being a trustworthy person include:

Being truthful and honest: To be a trustworthy person, one must be truthful and honest. Telling the truth to others, fulfilling promises, and acting reliably are essential.

Keeping your word: A trustworthy person keeps their promises and stands by their word. Failure to fulfill promises can create distrust in others.

Taking responsibility: A trustworthy person takes on responsibilities and takes the necessary steps to complete tasks. Taking responsibility and doing what you promise are essential to gaining the trust of others.

Showing respect: A trustworthy person shows respect for others. Being respectful towards people increases trustworthiness.

Demonstrating empathy: A trustworthy person demonstrates empathy to understand others' feelings. Empathy helps you build better relationships with others and increases trustworthiness.

Being patient and consistent: A trustworthy person is patient and consistent. Not rushing tasks and acting consistently enhance trustworthiness.

Being a trustworthy person is essential for success in long-term relationships. Being recognized as a trustworthy person helps you gain the respect and trust of others.

Accountability is a Must!

Accountability enhances an organization's or individual's credibility, encourages responsibility, provides opportunities for improvement, fosters social participation, and increases transparency. Therefore, accountability is crucial for a healthy society and a well-functioning organization.

My Blog

Due to my active work, I keep up with changing working conditions, advancing technology, and evolving legislation. I interpret newly issued regulations, share the problems and solutions I encounter at workplaces, and write about my failures and experiences. I hope my articles will help you in this profession and make it easier for you to overcome the issues you face.